At Yester we make a full range of soft cheeses, cultured creams, fior di latte mozzarella and yoghurts for both the retail and the food service sectors. We choose our cultures carefully to create the best combination of flavour and texture. Our cheeses are made in the traditional way in open vats, then cut and packed by hand. We take pride in what we do so that the customer receives the highest quality product fresh… from farm to fridge. We are constantly innovating and looking for new challenges so if there's a product or pack size that's not listed below, just get in touch to discuss options. We are happy to look at tailoring products to individual customer's requirements.


ProductUnit Size
Natural Cottage Cheese320g, 2kg
Luxury (Full Fat) Soft Cheese200g, 320g, 2kg
Low Fat Soft Cheese320g, 2kg
Diced Mozzarella250g, 2kg
Low Fat Nat Yoghurt500g, 2kg
Creme Fraiche320g, 2kg
Set Soured Cream320g, 2kg
Whole Milk Natural Yoghurt500g
Whole Milk Yoghurt with Mixed Berry500g
Greek Style Yoghurt500g, 2Kg
Mozzarella Block 250g, 2.2kg
Shredded Mozzarella2kg
Diced Mozzarella250g, 2kg
Double Cream250ml, 500ml
Single Cream250ml, 500ml