The McCreery Family

The McCreery Family


Yester Farm Dairies is run by husband and wife team Simon and Jackie McCreery, operating alongside the family farm at Yester Mains. Once milking is finished on the farm the milk can be piped straight from the milking parlour to our modern pasteurisation plant and cheese room on-site where we produce top quality milk, creams, soft cheeses and cultured creams.

Our products are pasteurised, packed, refrigerated and ready for delivery as quickly as possible - avoiding long tanker journeys and ensuring the freshest possible product for customers. This keeps food miles low and offers full traceability.

The freshness of our milk makes really superior soft cheeses including our signature cottage cheese, low fat and luxury soft cheese, traditional diced fire di latter mozzarella as well as cultured creams such as crème fraiche, sour cream and low fat natural yogurt.

We can supply to foodservice and wholesale customers UK-wide as well directly to outlets throughout Central Scotland.

The Cows

Our cows are very important to us so we look after them well. All our cows enjoy time out at grass on the lush East Lothian pastures but they are also fed a nutritionally balanced diet which includes grass or silage (mowed grass), wheat and barley all harvested from our farm. The attention to our cows' nutrition together with the natural pasteurisation process leads to a top quality, really fresh, tasty product.

We operate according to high environmental health standards and are an approved food business establishment licensed to process and sell milk. We are also accredited members of the SALSA Scheme (Safe and Local Supplier Approval).


Our cows grazing in front of historic Yester House

Our cows grazing in front of historic Yester House

 Our Vision:-


  • To be a successful, socially responsible and profitable family business;
  • Our brand to be synonymous with premium quality dairy products and great service;
  • Our customers to be proud to buy our brand;
  • Our people to be proud to work here; and
  • An ethos of continuous improvement in everything we do.